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All Our Products Are Handmade By Our Family For Your Family

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Lather Up

Lather Up

Hollie Fairbairn |

Lather Up was established in September 2019 and since its birth it has gone from strength to strength with 10,000's of satisfied customers.

All team members are family members who take pride in the brand. More family members will be joining us towards the end of 2021 as we reach new goals and targets.

All our cosmetic products are all handmade in our family run business, We pride ourselves in producing top quality products in our sterile working environment.

We only use the highest grade ingredients to give you the best quality products. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We believe that it's hard in today's fast paced & hectic world to find time to pamper yourself.

Every opportunity to bathe is invaluable, and we hope to make the best bath bomb experience for those precious moments.

All our products are labelled with a clear and concise list of ingredients and directions.

We provide value and a unique experince by allowing you to pick custom bundles with a huge saving on the original price.