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  • Product Maker

    Product Maker

    Hayley is back part time at Lather Up after giving birth her and Jakes 2nd daughter Billie. She helps bring to life Jakes creations. She also helps out in the packing...

    Hollie Fairbairn |

  • Product Wrapper

    Product Wrapper

    Lynn came out of retirement to help in the family business. She is our expert bath bomb wrapper. She is the quickest wrapper in the west, and she is the...

    Hollie Fairbairn |

  • Office Manager and Logistics

    Office Manager and Logistics

    Hollie is our office manager who takes care of all deliveries, product packing and adminstration duties. And is our customer care handler.

    Hollie Fairbairn |

  • Product Creator

    Product Creator

    Lather Up came fruitition through Jakes hard work and dedication. He is our product creator and comes up with all the unique creations that you see on the site. In...

    Hollie Fairbairn |

  • Mum Product Packer

    Mum Product Packer

    Jo is mum to Jake and Hollie and sister to Lynn and mother in-law to Hayley. She is general all round worker and has worked at Lather Up from launch....

    Hollie Fairbairn |